September 4

So I’m going to a party. A College party. Normally I wouldn’t even think about going, those things get pretty crazy, but who knows, maybe it’ll be fun?

… eh, maybe not.

Also, my friend Ashley is going, too, which will be cool. She’s this total sexpot that all the guys want. I play her wingwoman, deftly shooing away all the boys who don’t deserve her. It’s fun. Though it looks like tonight she’ll be playing MY wingwoman. Robin Matthews going to a College party with some friends… maybe I’m not such a weirdo after all.

Wish me luck!



Rush Week

September 2

You can always tell when Rush Week begins because all the boys start acting really weird. Or, you know, weirder than normal. And they start walking the halls covered in dirt, or suddenly they’re bald, or smell bad. Or, you know, smell worse than normal.


I’ve seen and heard some crazy things in my time here. Goat sacrifice, naked runs, way too much drinking, the works. The other day I overheard some things being planned by two Fratties that were so uncool, it made me want to take a shower.

Tell me again why Frats are fun?


FIRE! Not.

August 31


You know what’s fun? A fire alarm getting pulled at 3am when you’re dead asleep, and you have to run outside wearing your Cheesehead pajamas, and people see you in them. Yeah. Fun. Thanks, guys who pulled the alarm and called it an “accident”.


Freshman Boys

August 28

These freshman boys work fast. Two kids on the fourth floor tried to get me to come up to their room for flip cup before they realized I was an RA and then tried to claim we’d be flipping juice. Suuuure. And I think a girl hit on me, too. Either that or she actually did need Shampoo. I am not so perceptive about that sort of thing.

(For the record: Ashley thinks I should hit on her back, just to make sure. It’s a fair idea, I guess, except 1. it sounds like a bad sitcom way of handling things, and 2. her plan is ALWAYS “flirt first, ask questions later”. I think it’s best if I just let this lie.)

And then there’s Peck. He talked to me after the Floor Meeting. Seemed genuinely interested in where I was from and all that. I don’t know, he was nice, whatever, we’ll see…


3rd Floor Meeting

August 26

It’s that time, Port Dormers! I’m holding our big 3rd Floor Group Meeting in the common room this Thursday. We’ll do it after dinner at 7, and we should be done in time for Survivor at 8. It’s no big deal, I’m just gonna go over the rules of living in the dorms, and then we’ll all introduce ourselves, and I’ll bring candy.

I usually play a game for the group introductions. Something like Pass the Basketball. If you have a better idea, let me know. There was a great soccer game in the common room this Summer, maybe we could do that! (That game is the reason for the dent in the wall, BTW.)


Day One.

August 25


Hey All My New 3rd Floor Porters! Welcome to Washington Pacific and the 3rd Floor of the Port Dorm. I know you are all really stoked about starting college, I think it’s gonna be a great year. My name is Robin, I will be your RA. If you want to know more about me, go to my first blog entry: HERE.

My Summer Porters weren’t much for the interaction, but maybe you guys are. Feel free to leave me comments, I respond to everything.


The End Is The Beginning Is The End

August 18

Done with Finals! Hope you all did great. I think I did OK. Wrote a fantastic paper on the perceptions and expectations of Status Updates on Social Networking Sites that should totally get me an “A”, but what do I know, maybe it sucked!

This summer completely flew by. I can’t believe the new school year starts in less than a week. We only have a few more days of quiet before everything gets crazy again. I’m already seeing the Frat guys move back in. Oh joy!

I don’t know how many of you guys are staying in Port this year, but I had a great time RA’ing for you all, and hope I get to see some of you around campus now and again. Hope I wasn’t too hard on you. And if I was, what are you gonna do, write me up? (Sorry, bad RA humor, I know.) Have a great school year everyone.

Oh, and I’m gonna keep this blog up till I graduate, so keep reading and maybe even comment… please?



August 13

No time to blog, must study. Who knew Summer Session Finals would be hard?

Oh, and in case you didn’t hear, the 3rd Floor group scream is at 7:30pm.

Good luck, everyone!


I Got Him!!!!

August 10

The Shirt Stealer has been caught! By ME! HA HA!


Here’s how it went down: I actually HEARD Quiet Guy leave his room to go to the bathroom. And I got curious, so I opened his door. And there it was… ALL the clothes that have been stolen! And here’s the weirdest part: they were all draped on mannequins. And they were mismatched with clothes from other cultures, like a spaghetti strap top with a quilt, African tribal clothes paired with a miniskirt, etc. It was like a Fashion explosion, where someone put the wreckage back together who had never seen clothes before. It was kind of amazing, in a totally creepy way.

My Sweatshirt was there, too! Not on a mannequin, though (what, my Tremper wear isn’t good enough for your fashion freakshow?). But it was clean, thankfully.

So Quiet Guy (who, by the way, actually has a lovely speaking voice) walks back in and sees me in his room. But this time he didn’t run. He’d been caught, where’s he gonna go? I asked him why he did it and he told me it was for an art project. He’s trying to end global segregation by showing the world that by mixing fashion we could eliminate social strata. Bad fashion could bring us all together. He was so passionate about it that I couldn’t bring myself to turn him in.

His project will be on display from Thursday to Monday in the Humanitas lobby, and you should really come see it. Once you get passed the creepiness, it’s kind of cool. Oh, and he promised to return everything as soon as the exhibit is over.

No one escapes the law! Or Robin Matthews! Aaaaaand cue the Law & Order music.

Ching Ching!


Majoring in The Internet

August 8

In my first post, way back when (cause 8 weeks is forever), I made a joke that I majored in The Internet. I laughed, and I hope you did too, but it’s pretty much true. My major is called “Online Communications”, but my focus is on Social Networking and Digital Media. Basically, I’m being taught how to make my own MySpace. It’s pretty much amazing.

I made my first community in high school, when I worked on the Yearbook. I wanted a place for us Seniors to actually K.I.T., so I built this really simple digital community where you could make a profile, upload a pic and your contact information, and I would post all the Yearbook stuff, so we could comment on everything. And people loved it! I got 94% of my class to sign up and participate (of 79, but still!). It’s what got me my scholarship to Washington Pacific.

When I get out of school, that’s what I want to do. Make a place for people to connect. I really think I could create the next gen place for social networking. Danah Boyd has the career I want: And I would pretty much die to get an internship with her.