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Odd Jobs On Campus

June 27

We talk about how our generation has so many wild options for their career; how anything you want to do in the world can be done as a job.  And that’s true and it’s awesome.  But I say there’s no need to wait for the “real world” to start that wild ride.  There’s some really interesting jobs you can get on campus right now.  Have you been to the Career Center?

You can sign up to be a:

–    Cereal Spooner in the DLG Cafeteria
–    Mail Runner (literally, you have to run mail across campus.  With your feet.)
–    Night Safety Walker, where a girl can call you to come and walk her home at night (a GREAT job, actually)
–    Test Patient for the Psych Department
–    Reader (that’s what you do.  You read stuff.  Does anyone know more about this?)

That’s a cool list of things to do.

I like odd jobs.  Had one in high school.  Remember how I told you that my hometown has a Jelly Belly Factory? (of course you read that post).  Well, I worked there.  I did quality control.  The machines would reject misshapen beans and we would inspect them to see if they were worth putting back into the system.  If you ever got a jelly bean that was over-sized or shaped like a square, that was me.

You’re welcome.



Drunky Von Drunkenstein

June 20

I just don’t get “drinking”.  I’ve done it before, but I don’t really get why we are supposed to LOVE it so much.  Like going to college means you MUST drink at ANY opportunity.  A glass of wine or the occasional beer is fine, not gonna argue the need for a stiff drink after a hard test or paper, but to get drunk?  All the time?  That I don’t get.

I come from a small town called Pleasant Prairie that loved to drink.  Drinking beer is just what you DID on the weekends.  Big parties up by the lake, stale beer in stolen kegs, red cups stacked higher than barn doors.  I never quite figured out why that was so important, or fun.  Does that make me weird?

This is Pleasant Prairie.  You can see why people have nothing much else to do but drink.  (though we do have the Jelly Belly Factory, which is cool)

But back to the drinking… I get this point: “It’s college, what’s the big deal”.  So.  Let’s do this:

Just fake it around me.  If I see you drunk on my floor, I have to write you up, it’s kind of a RA law.  But I DON’T have to write you up, if I don’t SEE you drunk.  Or if I am bribed.  With cookies.  Ahem.  So tell me you’re not “feeling well”, hand me a chocolate chip and be on your way.  Everyone wins.

Well, maybe not you the next morning, but what can you do?


The Shirt Stealer

June 16

I don’ t know who you are, but whoever is stealing clothes out of he laundry room, needs to stop.  One, that’s not cool.  And two, that’s just gross.  What do you want with someone else’s dirty clothes, anyway?

Lauren in 3D really liked that green top, and apparently the Rangers jersey you took from Darren in 3G meant a lot to him; it would be really cool of you if you would return these items.  Just put them back in the laundry room and we’ll forget about this.

I get that not all of you have a lot of money for new clothes.  But lack of fashion is no reason to turn to a life of crime.


Procrastination Is Defined As… Eh, I’ll Get Around To It

June 13

Why does everything in the world seem more interesting when you can’t take part in it?


I have this paper on Watergate due on Monday.  Ten pages.  Shouldn’t really take me more than four or five hours to write it (I know that story backwards and front), but will it ACTUALLY take me that long?  No, it will not.  It will take me the length of the weekend, because I a procrastinator, and want to be doing ANYthing else but this.  I should really unplug my Internet if I want any chance to focusing.

Doesn’t help that it’s a Friday, either.  But I have no plans, so what else am I gonna do but sit around my room and try to work?  I’d much rather be at a party.  If you know of any, let me know in the comments section.  Or, you know, knock on my door.  I’ll be here…

OK… back to the paper.


Go Tremper Trojans!

June 7

A few of you guys gave me some weird looks the other day, and I THINK it’s because of the sweatshirt I was wearing (or they weren’t weird looks and I’M just weird, what do I know?).  I guess I’m supposed to wear Washington Pacific stuff, but I can’t help it, it’s my favorite sweatshirt.


Obviously I am not an XXXL, I just like big sweatshirts!  Tremper is the High School I went to back home.  We were the Tremper Trojans, and we pretty much rocked.  The “Athletics” part of the sweatshirt is kind of ironic, cause I never actually played sports, but I was on the Dance Team in Freshman Year, so I’m counting it!


Floor 3 Is The Best Floor

June 4

Hey my 3rd Floor Porters!  It’s been kinda quiet around here, lately (or maybe its just my room that’s been quiet).  I like that about Summer Session.  You can get work done, study in peace, and since there are less people, you can remember everyone’s names.  I don’t have everyone on my floor down yet, but I will soon.  Some of you I just have nicknames for.  Cute Boy, Mean Girls, Quiet Guy, Phil (OK, so I know Phil’s name.  Hi Phil!).

Maybe I should do a floor bonding night, so we can all meet.  Would any of you guys be interested in that?


Greetings from 3A!

June 2


Hey there all my Grizzlies in the Port Dorm, I am Robin, your friendly Resident Advisor in 3A.   A quick bit about me: I’m a Senior, an Online Communications Major (which is basically a fancy way of saying I’m majoring in the Internet), this is my third year as a RA and I rarely yell, so please don’t be afraid to come to me with any problems you are having.  My door is always open, even when it’s closed.

When I was an RA in the Pioneer Dorm last year I got the sense that people didn’t really know how to talk to me.  Me being an RA they always expected I was going to bust them for having someone in their room, write them up for having their music too loud, or that I was just a generally scary person.  Which just isn’t true.  You can keep your music as loud as you’d like!

I figured that if I started this blog, gave you guys a peak into what goes on in the mind of an RA, you wouldn’t be so weird around me (plus, I get course credit for blogging.  Bonus!).  After all, I’m a college student, too.  I’m on scholarship here, and this RA job is a condition of that scholarship.  We have the same workload, same pressures, and same concerns.  We even share one big thing in common: we’re both worried about YOU.

It’s Summer Session, there are not a lot of us in this dorm, so let’s all try to be friends.  Please feel free to comment, too!


P.S.  Oh, and I was just kidding before, keep your music down.  😉