Procrastination Is Defined As… Eh, I’ll Get Around To It

Why does everything in the world seem more interesting when you can’t take part in it?


I have this paper on Watergate due on Monday.  Ten pages.  Shouldn’t really take me more than four or five hours to write it (I know that story backwards and front), but will it ACTUALLY take me that long?  No, it will not.  It will take me the length of the weekend, because I a procrastinator, and want to be doing ANYthing else but this.  I should really unplug my Internet if I want any chance to focusing.

Doesn’t help that it’s a Friday, either.  But I have no plans, so what else am I gonna do but sit around my room and try to work?  I’d much rather be at a party.  If you know of any, let me know in the comments section.  Or, you know, knock on my door.  I’ll be here…

OK… back to the paper.




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