The Shirt Stealer

I don’ t know who you are, but whoever is stealing clothes out of he laundry room, needs to stop.  One, that’s not cool.  And two, that’s just gross.  What do you want with someone else’s dirty clothes, anyway?

Lauren in 3D really liked that green top, and apparently the Rangers jersey you took from Darren in 3G meant a lot to him; it would be really cool of you if you would return these items.  Just put them back in the laundry room and we’ll forget about this.

I get that not all of you have a lot of money for new clothes.  But lack of fashion is no reason to turn to a life of crime.



One Response to “The Shirt Stealer”

  1. miza713 Says:

    Ugh. I know exactly what you mean. Someone in my apartment complex is a laundry room thief as well. Not only has my underwear been stolen (gross), but I’ve had two laundry baskets go missing. *sigh* What is wrong with people?

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