Drunky Von Drunkenstein

I just don’t get “drinking”.  I’ve done it before, but I don’t really get why we are supposed to LOVE it so much.  Like going to college means you MUST drink at ANY opportunity.  A glass of wine or the occasional beer is fine, not gonna argue the need for a stiff drink after a hard test or paper, but to get drunk?  All the time?  That I don’t get.

I come from a small town called Pleasant Prairie that loved to drink.  Drinking beer is just what you DID on the weekends.  Big parties up by the lake, stale beer in stolen kegs, red cups stacked higher than barn doors.  I never quite figured out why that was so important, or fun.  Does that make me weird?

This is Pleasant Prairie.  You can see why people have nothing much else to do but drink.  (though we do have the Jelly Belly Factory, which is cool)

But back to the drinking… I get this point: “It’s college, what’s the big deal”.  So.  Let’s do this:

Just fake it around me.  If I see you drunk on my floor, I have to write you up, it’s kind of a RA law.  But I DON’T have to write you up, if I don’t SEE you drunk.  Or if I am bribed.  With cookies.  Ahem.  So tell me you’re not “feeling well”, hand me a chocolate chip and be on your way.  Everyone wins.

Well, maybe not you the next morning, but what can you do?




2 Responses to “Drunky Von Drunkenstein”

  1. 3R Says:

    I wasn’t DRUNK! God! I told you that! I was just dizzy from the air.

  2. Kim Says:

    That’s what they all say

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