Odd Jobs On Campus

We talk about how our generation has so many wild options for their career; how anything you want to do in the world can be done as a job.  And that’s true and it’s awesome.  But I say there’s no need to wait for the “real world” to start that wild ride.  There’s some really interesting jobs you can get on campus right now.  Have you been to the Career Center?

You can sign up to be a:

–    Cereal Spooner in the DLG Cafeteria
–    Mail Runner (literally, you have to run mail across campus.  With your feet.)
–    Night Safety Walker, where a girl can call you to come and walk her home at night (a GREAT job, actually)
–    Test Patient for the Psych Department
–    Reader (that’s what you do.  You read stuff.  Does anyone know more about this?)

That’s a cool list of things to do.

I like odd jobs.  Had one in high school.  Remember how I told you that my hometown has a Jelly Belly Factory? (of course you read that post).  Well, I worked there.  I did quality control.  The machines would reject misshapen beans and we would inspect them to see if they were worth putting back into the system.  If you ever got a jelly bean that was over-sized or shaped like a square, that was me.

You’re welcome.



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