Anyone Out There?

I’ve been wondering if anyone out there is even reading this blog. If they even care that I’m trying.


I’ve been feeling very lonely. No one on the floor is talking to me after the fallout from the Common Room soccer game, and I’m just not interested in my classes.

I knocked on Quiet Guy’s door, but I couldn’t hear him moving, so I don’t think he was in there. Or he just didn’t answer. Has anyone actually spoken to him? Are we sure anyone is even in there? And alive?

I’m giving out a Get Out Of Jail Free card to the first person that notices a smell coming from his room.


P.S. Ashley! I miss you. Got your postcard from Dubai, your trip sounds amazing. Though I can’t imagine it’s better than being here. 😉


One Response to “Anyone Out There?”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Hang in there, Bird, I’ll be back soon! Dubai is hot and HAWT! I can’t even tell you. Me, you and latte’s the moment I hit town, promise!

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