Off The Ledge

I finally got to use my crisis management training! Some poor girl on the second floor got dumped, and her roommate was gone for the weekend, so she knocked on my door. She was crying, talking about dropping out of school, or maybe something worse. I calmed her down, reassured her and cheered her up. She walked out of my room with her head held high and her spirits renewed.

So… I pretty much rock. I should really start a blog about my rockingness. I would call it Resident Narcissist. And it would be the best thing that’s ever happened in the history of ever. (You get that I’m kidding, right? Ugh, I am the worst narcissist ever.)



One Response to “Off The Ledge”

  1. Flow Says:

    um…. do you really think its a good idea to share other peoples suicidal threats and dark desperations so callously on your blog — in total disregard to their emotions — highlighting your pathetic narcissism …. get you and your ego a room 🙂

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