Freshman Boys

These freshman boys work fast. Two kids on the fourth floor tried to get me to come up to their room for flip cup before they realized I was an RA and then tried to claim we’d be flipping juice. Suuuure. And I think a girl hit on me, too. Either that or she actually did need Shampoo. I am not so perceptive about that sort of thing.

(For the record: Ashley thinks I should hit on her back, just to make sure. It’s a fair idea, I guess, except 1. it sounds like a bad sitcom way of handling things, and 2. her plan is ALWAYS “flirt first, ask questions later”. I think it’s best if I just let this lie.)

And then there’s Peck. He talked to me after the Floor Meeting. Seemed genuinely interested in where I was from and all that. I don’t know, he was nice, whatever, we’ll see…



3 Responses to “Freshman Boys”

  1. 4th Floor Says:

    Dude, we were telling the truth.

    Why do all RA’s hate freshman? I wish we could write YOU up.

  2. Robin Says:

    Write me up for what? Being awesome?

  3. Randy (as of ThatFreakin) Says:

    You tell ’em Robin!

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