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September 4

So I’m going to a party. A College party. Normally I wouldn’t even think about going, those things get pretty crazy, but who knows, maybe it’ll be fun?

… eh, maybe not.

Also, my friend Ashley is going, too, which will be cool. She’s this total sexpot that all the guys want. I play her wingwoman, deftly shooing away all the boys who don’t deserve her. It’s fun. Though it looks like tonight she’ll be playing MY wingwoman. Robin Matthews going to a College party with some friends… maybe I’m not such a weirdo after all.

Wish me luck!



Rush Week

September 2

You can always tell when Rush Week begins because all the boys start acting really weird. Or, you know, weirder than normal. And they start walking the halls covered in dirt, or suddenly they’re bald, or smell bad. Or, you know, smell worse than normal.


I’ve seen and heard some crazy things in my time here. Goat sacrifice, naked runs, way too much drinking, the works. The other day I overheard some things being planned by two Fratties that were so uncool, it made me want to take a shower.

Tell me again why Frats are fun?