About Robin

Robin (that’s ME!) comes from a very small town in Wisconsin called Pleasant Prairie (incidentally, the prairie’s ARE quite pleasant). She is the RA for the 3rd Floor of the Port Dorm at Washington Pacific University. She is an Online Communications Major, a blogger, and a devotee of Danah Boyd.

Robin (who? Oh right, ME.) also likes comments. So please feel free to leave them.

Thank you!


6 Responses to “About Robin”

  1. Absynth Says:

    Hi Robin! I just wanted to tell you that you should ALWAYS be wary of quiet people. Especially when they wear masks. Seriously, when people like that do things like steal clothes, it is only a matter of time before they graduate(see what I did there… college reference) to something more serious. So please, for your own sake, watch your back and keep your door locked!

  2. mary jane Says:


    that high school website in the Blogroll, did you go there? It’s a real school website and their school motto is “learning, no matter what” am I the only one that finds this hysterical? I thought at first it was a fake website associated with the game. So I actually called them and the school secretary was soooo confused. Anyway thougth I’d share. Am I the only one who called Tremper High or are they getting an unusually large call volume?? hehehe -mj

  3. mary jane Says:

    OMG you can buy Temper high yearbooks on their website. surely your mention of working on the yearbook is not to lure us into puchasing a yearbook? mj

  4. Gayleforce09 Says:

    Mary Jane, I cracked up when I read you called the high school!! I am seriously thinking of ordering a sweatshirt.

  5. Terrik Says:

    i see someone’s an lg15 fan…rock on!!

  6. ShoeMaker Says:

    Robin, Are you abandoning this site, now that you’ve left school?

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