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Majoring in The Internet

August 8

In my first post, way back when (cause 8 weeks is forever), I made a joke that I majored in The Internet. I laughed, and I hope you did too, but it’s pretty much true. My major is called “Online Communications”, but my focus is on Social Networking and Digital Media. Basically, I’m being taught how to make my own MySpace. It’s pretty much amazing.

I made my first community in high school, when I worked on the Yearbook. I wanted a place for us Seniors to actually K.I.T., so I built this really simple digital community where you could make a profile, upload a pic and your contact information, and I would post all the Yearbook stuff, so we could comment on everything. And people loved it! I got 94% of my class to sign up and participate (of 79, but still!). It’s what got me my scholarship to Washington Pacific.

When I get out of school, that’s what I want to do. Make a place for people to connect. I really think I could create the next gen place for social networking. Danah Boyd has the career I want: And I would pretty much die to get an internship with her.